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This is a list of Competitions we may be attending in the coming year

Show Cases

This page highlights the Showcases that are put on by this studio and other local studios. Showcases present the hard work and talents of our dancers. This link will help to show you what showcases are being presented, and also to keep showcase students up to date on upcoming events.

Argentine Tango

Argentine tango does not have any generally accepted or official syllabus to define its accepted vocabulary, but it does have defining parameters. No specific set of steps, figures, patterns, or structural elements define what Argentine tango is, although they are useful pedagogic devices for learning to dance Argentine tango.

In the absence of conventional definitions of tango dancing, a question arises as to what defines what is and what is not accepted as Argentine tango dancing. Louis Armstrong once said something like, "If you have to ask what jazz is, you will never get it." For me, attempting to define what is Argentine tango raises the same problems. I describe instead how the defining parameters of tango are established and evolve. 

At this link you can find information on my milonga and classes


Workshops are for all levels of dancers. They are one time events that add a little extra to your dancing

Visiting Coaches

Information regarding visiting coaches may be found here.

Dinners & Holiday Events

Information regarding Dinner and Holiday Parties may be found here.

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